theDM Limited – Digital Marketing, Social Media Management and PPC Advertising Services made easy.

theDM is here to help maximise your advertising and marketing budget, whatever it may be. From just £150 we can promote your business to those that have a genuine interest.


We will build an audience for you based on your requirements. ONLY people meeting specific criteria will see your ads, so no wasted budget.

Tell Them

We can display products, videos, events and your personal message to people to get their attention.

Remind Them

With remarketing packages we can target those people that have already shown an interest in your services or products with offers and deals.

Convert Them

Because of the carefully selected target audience and message, the chances of converting to a completed sale are MUCH higher.

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and from all lines of industry.

From one man sole traders through to local governments, we’ve worked on countless campaigns to gain exposure, sales and custom for clients.
You may have spoken to other digital advertising companies who have quoted you thousands of pounds to run a campaign.
The truth is we can find a campaign solution for almost any budget.
Our goal is to put you in front of the right audience for the right price using the  right message. If we get that right for you we are confident we will get you better results for your business.

If you are not yet online, we can still help!
We are experienced web developers and social media managers.
We can build your online presence from scratch!

So why not get in touch for a no obligation chat?
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thedm lead generation

Lead Generation

Cut out the time wasters!

What is a high quality lead worth to you and your business?
Selling property? it could be worth thousands
Selling cars? it could be worth hundreds

Whatever you are selling, whether a product or service it has a value!
Let us help you generate those leads for you.