Crisis Management – Coronavirus, Protect your business

Crisis Management – Coronavirus, Protect your business

Countries on shut down, cancellations to international flights, supermarkets with empty shelves . . . . . . .coronavirus is well and truly kicking into action and the pandemic looks set to intensify over the coming weeks.
It’s difficult to think of a business that will not be affected by the virus, even those that initially performed well such as hand wash, face mask and toilet roll retailers are now out of stock and can’t know when they’ll replenish due to materials and supplies being affected.

So what can you do to limit the damage to your business?

Can you set your staff to work remotely?
If you work mainly online then it is a strong possibility that your staff can continue doing their job remotely.
If you have a staff of 10 or more and are office based setting up remote work groups is a good idea if they can access systems from home machines.
Split your workforce into groups.
If you must have a team in the office perhaps select a low risk group of workers. A team of 4 that can continue to hold the fort. Create another two teams of 3 that can work remotely. It makes sense to put any high risk candidates into the remote teams. People with underlying conditions and over 60’s.
Make sure your teams keep in touch and as a manager you are in contact with each team on a regular basis to provide updates and organise any further action required.

Maintain Communication with your clients?
If you are a B2B business make sure you are communicating with suppliers and customers.
If you manufacture a product and your suppliers of one material has ground to halt, make sure you are talking to other material providers. If you can not source all required materials can you put a halt to manufacture until materials are available?
Speak to each arm of your business and find out where there are problems as and when they happen. It’s easier to manage them one at a time than suddenly have to deal with several incidents.
If you are a service provider, or product supplier push out social media updates so your followers know wha is happening.
We’re trying to manage and control any knock on effects.

Be honest!
If your clients are asking questions be honest about the situation.
You don’t want a client coming back to you angry because they asked you a question several days ago and you said all would be ok.
If you don’t know the answer tell them so but state you will do your best to find out.

Don’t panic!
When something is out of your hands remember to keep a cool head.
There is no point getting angry and stressed over things out of your control.

Stay up to date?
Keep track of government updates and follow guidelines.
Follow as it is updated regularly.