Covid 19 – Getting back to business

Covid 19 – Getting back to business

With the ongoing easing of lockdown restrictions we are beginning to see a return to business now for most sectors.
There’s no denying how tough the past few months have been on the economy and in particular small businesses in the UK.

Some businesses took the step of diversifying their offerings and operating through an online capacity that they hadn’t previously considered. I’m pleased to say we were able to help some of these businesses and see some great successes where previously there was nothing but worry.

Now though is not the time to rest on your laurels as a businesses owner or decision maker.
If we are, as many predict, to see a second wave of covid 19 in the coming months what strategy do you have in place to ensure that this time you are ready?

As we ease restrictions what message are you sending out to your existing and potential clients?
People want to know you are putting measures in place for social distancing, they want to know they can be safe using your service and by putting out simple messages notifying people of your policies, you improve your reputation and trust to every potential customer out there.

TheDM Limited are here to help you and your business.

  • We can advise you on the best way to reach your audience
  • We can get that website that’s long needed an update looking fresh, or develop a new one.
  • We can build campaigns that can go out via google or facebook to your exact target audience.
  • We can tell your followers what steps you have taken to make them and keep them as customers SAFE
  • We can put your message in front of targeted audiences, by targeted we mean people in the exact location (down to postcode sector) , who have an interest in YOUR services. People you have reached before, therefore GROWING YOUR CUSTOMER BASE.
  • We can run PPC and Social media advertising campaigns to promote your service or product.

Now is the time to interact with your client base like never before, now is the time to build client lists and then, should another outbreak occur, you can contact them immediately to let them know the steps and services you can still offer.

Contact us today for a non obligatory discussion about how we can help your business.