How to set up a Facebook Business Page

How to set up a Facebook Business Page

Setting up a Facebook Business page - FREE DOWNLOAD

What is a Facebook Business Page?

A facebook business page is a page within facebook assigned specifically to your business.

It allows you to share with the millions of people on facebook, information about your business, increase your brand awareness and crucially build a community around your brand.

By building this community it becomes easy to notify people who follow you about what is going on with your business, this could be simple news, new products or services or just sharing other peoples posts that are relevant to your business or that of your audience.


Why does my business need a facebook page?

In addition to those reasons above it is almost vital these days to have a facebook page to:

  • Communicate quickly and effectively with people wanting to engage with your business.

  • Through facebook insights you are able to learn about your facebook audience. This can be essential to tailoring the information you push out.

  • As long as you abide by facebook guidelines, you can grow your community and use them as a marketing tool in itself. People who follow you. can share your posts with their friends leading to a quick free way to promote your message.

  • Your facebook business page can drive traffic directly to product or service pages of your website. It can also help with facebook optimisation of your website . . . . links are king with the search engines!

  • Facebook has some great business tools built in. You can create events, manage appointments and sell products directly from your page. With facebook messenger you can also allow customers to message you direct, in effect your business need never close!

  • It's FREE! What business in its right mind would not want a free way to get custom?


Do I need to be active on facebook or have a facebook account?

You will need to set up a personal facebook account to create a business page but that is a simple process and once that personal profile is set up you will be able to create a facebook business page.

If you have already created a facebook personal profile but it is not for you it is for your business, you can convert it to a business page.

But I don't want to have my personal info on facebook!

That's fine. You can lock down all your personal information so that nobody sees it, facebook has many security and privacy settings that you can tweak to keep your info private.

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