theDM Limited are a North Wales based Digital marketing and advertising agency. Specialising in digital advertising to help promote small to medium businesses. Through a combination of carefully targeted ad campaigns via facebook, google adwords and other main stream platforms we can hugely boost your business. This is the digital age, reach your customers wherever they may be. Don't rely on them picking up the local newspaper and discovering you accidentally, push your adverts direct to their hand held device.
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Your results are our priority. We guarantee to drive relevant people to your business.

Ensure you have a website and social media platforms in place and working for you.


Use social media and search engines to grow your audience. Target specific interests, locations and demographics to appeal to the right people.


Once you have found your audience and targeted them with a campaign, visit them again. Use retargeting methods to show interested parties your offers!


Watch your conversions grow as we target more specific audiences for your business.

  • Social Media Management

  • Let us set up and manage your social media profiles.
    Got a good following on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Linked In or Instagram or perhaps you don’t yet have profiles in place.
    theDM Limited can guide you or even set up profiles on your behalf, not only that but we can manage those profiles on a monthly basis for you.
    We will post interesting, relevant content branded to your business and help your  growth.
    Social Media  Management Packages are available from £300 per month – this includes: set up (where required), regular posts, message and comment management, artwork creation (where required).
    Contact us today to discuss more.
  • Digital Advertising and Marketing

  • Have you noticed how your competition appears higher than you in the Search Engines?
    Want to know how you can make your product or service pop up directly to your desired audience in Facebook?
    Want your companies display adverts to appear on large company websites such as the Daily Mail show in gaming apps on phones and tablets?
    We can build you advertising campaigns that can target all these platforms and many more but more importantly we will only show your ads to people who have a genuine interest in your product type or service.
    This means we will work with you to find a suitable budget and none of that budget gets wasted, your ads will only go out to interested parties.
  • Web Design & Development

  • We have over 20 years of experience in web design, development and marketing.
    We can build bespoke websites from scratch to meet your requirements whatever your business, interest or budget!
    We can get you started with a website for just £250
    This gets you a single page site, domain name registration and 12 months hosting.
    Examples of our 1 page site :
    NGL Driveways

    Our multi page websites are just £450 this gets you more pages to promote your businesses products or services, domain name registration and 12 months hosting.

    Or build something completely bespoke such as:
    Get in touch today to find out how we can help you take your first steps on the World Wide Web.

  • SEO and Traffic Building

  • You were told to invest in a great looking website, you did as you were told but nobody visits!
    We can tell you where your website is failing, looking pretty isn’t everything!
    We can advise you on simple tricks to make your website more effective and help build a traffic and growth plan for your business.
  • Youtube Google Ranking

  • Have you ever typed in the service you offer and your town into Google and noticed a nice little video appears towards the top of the first page? Because Google own Youtube, you can ranked quickly and highly for video content on the first page of Google if you build and format your video in the correct way.
  • Training and Consultancy

  • With over 20 years experience in everything from website and database design through to digital marketing and SEO we can help you to understand your audience.
    We can teach you how to find out where your site can improve, what you can do to attract more visitors both online and in store.

Our Skills

Audience is king!

With our digital expertise we can build campaigns bespoke to your business.
We will identify who your ideal audience are and target them with ads custom built for you. Digital advertising does not require thousands of pounds each month as some agencies would try to convince you.
We can work to your budget.
You may want to test the water with a simple low budget campaign, that’s fine with us.
Of course spending more helps you compete on a broader spectrum but by targeting precise audiences we will get you results.
We can run Facebook Ads, Google display ads, Search ads, PPC ads. We can target your audiences favourite platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Linked In.
Not sure where to start? Speak to us we can advise you without obligation.

Appearing in mobile search ad results can increase brand awareness by 46%.
72% of consumers want brands to share discounts and sales on social media.
Social media platforms capture 33% of the time users spend online.

Dare to think bigger!

Digital advertising for every budget.

One of our first customers said to us these very words.
“I’m not sure we can afford to compete with these companies on Google who pay a fortune to get to the top of searches!”

Our response was “Let us show you how you can compete for a lot less money.”
It resulted in a campaign that was hugely successful for the client and gave them an understanding of how our personal approach and communication with them in gaining an understanding of their business and their customers could put their ads in front of their ideal customers.

Digital advertising helps businesses start the sales funnel a lot further along the process than traditional print advertising.
Let us discuss your requirements with you and put a campaign plan together.