Coronavirus, travel and a whole bunch of digital marketing

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Coronavirus, travel and a whole bunch of digital marketing

Whenever there is a huge air of uncertainty about, the whole of normality breaks down into chaos and everyone clings to the security blanket of “but it’s because of . . . . . (enter your own crisis here)”.
We saw it with the year 2000 bug and Brexit. People said they weren’t conducting any marketing or investing in their businesses until it was clear what the outcome would be. Unfortunately there were spikes in small businesses closing down in those periods.
Businesses stood still, lost ground, lost business and lost face due to business leaders not being brave enough to make a move.

Now we have the Pandemic that is Coronavirus.
Once again people are saying “We’re not doing anything until we know what’s happening!”
It’s a staggering admission by business leaders that they don’t know what to do. And in our opinion doing nothing, certainly isn’t the answer!

Even governments push out misleading information to the public, and before you know it you’re left with supermarkets empty of toilet roll and hand wash and families sitting at home hungry because they forgot to buy any food whilst stock piling 300 rolls of quilted tissue!
The travel industry loses hundreds of fantastic small independent businesses because the fear factor see’s thousands cancelling holiday plans due to mass hysteria.

We’re not saying that we take this Pandemic lightly, quite the contrary, we need to be vigilant and sensible. We need to take action not just to protect our health and wellbeing but to protect our industries and our small businesses that really can’t afford to have a couple of customers drop out of the loop or not pay their invoices on time.

So how can digital marketing help?
Well it’s the most logical way to keep your clients updated on how your business is dealing with the situation.
For many it’s business as normal, but your clients don’t know that, so use the various channels available to you to let them know.
Push out updates on Facebook, Twitter, on your website and via your email lists.
If it’s business as usual don’t just run your normal advert online let people know that you are still shipping product, that you are still taking holiday bookings, even make a point of promoting your SALE or discounted products because if people think they are getting a bargain they don’t really care what the reason is!
Bring humour into your marketing “Free Loo Roll with every purchase” might not get you a sale, but it will likely get your post shared around social media and raise brand awareness and follows.

One of the most influential business men and investors of modern times, Warren Buffet, once said “Be greedy when others are fearful.”
Be the business that did not sit still in uncertain times and if you are the only business actively putting a message out to your customers, you are the one they will stick with, endorse and help to grow.

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