About Us.

Advertising made simple

What We Do

theDM is here to promote your business.
Many smaller to medium sized businesses have historically advertised in newspaper and other local mediums such as directories and magazines in the hope that someone that is interested in their product or service, will see their advert and get in touch.
We take the risk of nobody of interest seeing your ad out of the equation.
We will only push your adverts to those people who have a genuine interest.
Giving you a much higher return on investment.

Who We Are

We have over 20 years of experience in the digital world.
From database and website design through to social media management and digital marketing.
theDM Limited was set up to help small to medium businesses compete on a level playing field with the bigger companies.
Don’t think you can afford a digital advertising campaign?
Contact us and find out. There is absolutely no obligation to take it any further but we might be able to give you some useful advice for free!

What We Offer

We specialise in putting your business in front of those people who are looking for your services.
We can run advertising campaigns that go direct to interested customers.
Whether business to consumer or business to business, we can find those people you are looking for, share your message and build your client base.
We can help you get started with a website and social media presence and if you are not that tech savvy we can even run it for you.
Ready for that next step?
Contact us info@thedm.co.uk

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Our Philosophy

You probably have enough to get on with . . . leave the rest to us!

We know how small businesses work.
We know how much time your day to day work can take up, so where do you find time to build and run advertising campaigns across complex platforms such as Facebook and Google?
A majority of businesses in the UK have less than 5 employees, can’t always afford to take on a dedicated marketing person and your current staff are already too busy or not sure how to run advertising campaigns.
That’s were we come in! We can build campaign around your available budget starting from £150

Go to your customers . . . wherever they may be!

This is the digital age – be part of it!

There is no getting away from the fact that just about everyone these days carries a mobile phone around with them at practically all times.
This is the equivalent of everyone carrying a copy of your flyer or printed advert around with them. Not only that but we can make sure they see it!

Footfall on the high streets has fallen in recent years but if you have an event, sale, product or service to promote we can drive people to you in unprecedented numbers by building specific audiences for your campaigns.

Unlike television, radio and print advertising our methods ONLY go out when there is an interested person there to see it. So there is no wasted budget!

The question is no longer “Can I afford to advertise?”
The question is Can you afford not to?


Campaign Management

Make it look great, word it right, find an audience and you can not fail.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?
Fortunately we have years of experience in digital marketing and advertising so we can build a campaign quickly but will not rush anything, our business is in our results.

We will build creatives for you and push them out to ONLY interested people.
We can target the full range of companies operating on the google ad network, including big players such as the Daily Mail, the Daily Post, yahoo.com. We can advertise in gaming apps or simply on your local customers facebook feed.
Wherever your customers are we can get to them.

We can run regular weekly or monthly campaigns or simply one offs to promote an event or sale. For less than you existing Newspaper advertising spend we can get proven results.

It costs nothing to find out more. Click the button leave your details and we can discuss what options are available. We will not waste your time, we will not constantly call if you say it’s not for you!