Digital Marketing Packages

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Digital Marketing Packages

Have you got a great looking website but not the traffic or leads you thought you’d get?
Would you like only people with a specific need or interest in your products or services to see you?

Try one of our Digital marketing packages.

Faceboook Ads
When we speak to a lot of small businesses about Facebook, they often say “We’ve tried that!” or “We’ve spent money on boosted posts but had no results!”
To really have success via Facebook you need to build specific campaigns, targeting people that are most likely to convert into customers.
We can build multiple ads targeting multiple interests and ensure you have NO WASTED BUDGET.
Speak to us about how we can help get the right people to your Website, Facebook Page or physical store using Facebook advertising Campaigns.
STARTING FROM JUST £250 per month

Google Display and Adwords
There’s no denying that google is the reigning king of the internet.
It’s the first place people search for a product or service and you may be wondering what you have to do to get your business displaying high in the results.
By building well planned Google Adword Campaigns you can get your website appearing in results for your product or service and ensure that people see you above your competition. Adword campaigns are paid for results that appear a the top and in the right hand bar on google searches and have a much higher Click through rate than standard listings.
Google Display ads are visual adverts that can be displayed to people on line when they browse their favourite websites. They may have expressed an interest in a service or product you offer whilst browsing the web so we can push them an advert whilst they read online news, play mobile games or use their favourite app.
Let us show you how we can direct users directly to you from wherever they may be!
STARTING FROM JUST £500 per month